Things Developers Must Know about App Install Ads

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The advertising scenario in the digital world has completely changed since the decade of the digital revolution as these days one can’t afford to irritate the users by blocking their experience with an advertisement. In such cases, users are more likely to never return. Thus, the advertisements models have been completely modified to make it even more user-friendly. One such aspect of mobile advertisement is App install Ad campaigns.

App-install ads work with targeted audience and catchy creative to upscale your app business by grabbing the user’s attention most effectively so much that it can have a great and far-reaching impact on your app’s installs. There are a few ways in which App install Ads can be effectively put to use:

  • Grab User’s Attention through Creativity

One can essentially grab user’s attention through a creative ad campaign using high quality graphics to present the best that your app has to offer the users. Such ad campaigns in gaming apps provide the best opportunity to promote their game’s demo and characters among potential users.

  • Use defined and specific calls to action

Asking your users to “Download app” or “Install App Now” as calls to action is less likely to engage them. For example the best way to lure an adventure game enthusiast is by using specific and direct calls to action such as “Train a Dragon” or “Build your own Theme Park”.

  • Use graphically rich Playable Ad creatives

A creative that lets your users take a sneak peek into the game or the app without even downloading it is something that has proven to work really well. These playable ad formats has emerged from the latest advancements of virtualization without the least of latency.




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