Tim Cook bigger fan of Augmented Reality than Virtual Reality

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is in favor of Augmented Reality than Virtual Reality. Cook in an interview said that Augmented Reality is much bigger and larger than virtual Reality. He thinks that it is something that they are talking about or someone else that is currently not present, but could appear with them. He feels that there are lots of cool things there.  Cook was dropping hints about his Company’s interest in Virtual Reality and augmented Reality from the beginning of the year and the Financial Times reported that Apple has its own secret team, which consists of hundreds of employees working so as to develop applications, headsets of these two famous hottest technologies of the year.

Cook doesn’t entirely negate the virtual reality, but, he made Virtual Reality his last priority. According to him, Though Virtual Reality immerses the person into an experience that is really cool, but probably will suffer lower commercial interest over time.  He further said that the number of people will be less who will show their interested in VR, but there are many cool areas for education and gaming that he and his company have a lot of interest in.

He feels that Virtual Reality’s applications are limited and it is also very antisocial as the user just wraps a screen around his face, but AR Headsets are comfortable and gives your freedom to walk around and interact with others in person and not in the illusion or immersive way.

Though Apple hasn’t given or specified and chronological order of their AR and VR projects that might publicly materialize, but talking about different product categories down the lane, it is typically Apple’s style and it sounds like Apple is currently and silently working on the projects.




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