Trailer of RESIDENT EVIL VII: BIOHAZARD VR unveiled at PAX WEST 2016

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Everything and everyone is being very quiet lately on the Resident Evil, after it was revealed at E3 earlier this year. And after a long time, a playable teaser is showcased at PAX West 2016 in a spooky looking house was set in virtual reality’s new horror game named it as  Resident Evil VII: Biohazard.

The Virtual Reality component of Resident Evil VII does not change and in fact the playable teasers do have a reference typically thrown down for Umbrella from the Resident Evil universe. This Virtual Reality demo didn’t tell us in any substantial way about the releasing date or month but, in fact it has starting to raise the eyebrows. The video demo is a more of a test that how virtual Reality is going to work on the final product.

Imagine you’ve just awakened in a kitchen with your friend, or may be colleague of yours. There is an eagerness to escape and you two are actually trying to find a way out to escape. So, without dropping many gruesome details it still doesn’t go that well. There is gore and bloodshed that isn’t overdone. It does give the chilling effect that VR being the immersive medium adds fuel to a situation like Resident Evil VII. A user will be wincing and jumping a lot at times as you will be unsure of what is coming next for you.  How we can forget about the zombies who acted in a very methodical, weird or unpredictable way just to add scariness.

Resident Evil has already a tag of being the Most Terrifying Game in Virtual Reality and Resident EVIL VII is scarier than Resident Evil being unveiled at E3 earlier this year.





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