UK opens up its First Virtual Reality Centre inside Tension VR

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Virtual Reality headsets have been in the books and science fiction movies for a very long time even though it took over 50 years to bring the concept into reality. And now that Virtual Reality has become a significant part of the future of technology, most people can’t afford to experience it just yet as the current devices that offer the best of this technology are priced way too high to burn big holes in the pockets of the consumers.

Such barriers of price and the unavailability of economic devices as well as VR content has prompted the launch of Tension VR, UK’s first Virtual Reality centre created by Simon Adderley. The VR centre is located in an old and unused Church in the Lincolnshire region which is famous for its cathedral, its advanced University and cobbled streets. Tension VR is created with an aim to bring VR experiences for all those who to wish to try it but lack the resources for owning a VR system.

The idea for Adderley originated five years back when he was visiting the Gamescom along with his son where he first saw the Oculus Rift Prototype displayed in a rather tiny booth letting people experience the very early stages of a VR experience. Ever Since then Adderley believed VR to be a strong game changer and decided that he wanted an Oculus Rift as never before then he witnessed something so progressive and wanted by so many yet afforded by so few as VR systems nowadays, with all the fancy gadgets to accompany them not only unaffordable in terms of expense but also due to the lack of space for many people.

Thus, Tension VR is a quirky lace designed with graphic walls to give you the feel of VR with the best facilities and equipments available to allow potential or interested buyers to experience the Virtual Reality before putting up with the hefty cost.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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