Unity Plugin out Now for Google’s Android Daydream VR

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Google at its recent I/O conference revealed its upcoming VR component for future Android Smartphones named Daydream. The tech giant later also announced that developers and programmers keen and itching to start building Android VR games with Unity game engine have a great news coming their way as Unity has already made its Daydream VR plugin available for use.

Unity game engine is one of the most popular and widely used game engines by developers for the robust features and provisions it entails for efficient and graphically rich games which is why it makes absolute sense for the company to keep up with the latest trends in the gaming technology such as Google’s new push into the immersive media.

In an initial effort Unity will be available for Google Daydream’s support through a Daydream VR plugin till it takes daydream mainstream with native support which will be released in the coming summer.

The Game engine will reportedly allow all the major APIs for developers to produce effective VR games without any hassle. One such API included will be the highly powerful yet surprisingly lightweight Vulkan Graphics API. The availability of all the powerful and robust APIs will result in highly competitive and impressive Virtual Reality content with graphics that looking anything close to reality.




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