Virtual Reality Center In Houston By A Former Energy Worker

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Technology is one such thing that has the ability to create passion in you at any given point of time and in any person. This happens to the person whose story we are about to reveal in this blog. A person who just wants to find places to live online, who got stuck in a lot of places and believed in himself that something better is coming along the way has now created something better in his life. This is a story of Phillip,who was working as an energy worker. he was given a present of Google Cardboard by her sister and that moment changed his entire life. Two years later, after researching a lot in this field, he later joined hands with Brandon Laubach, who is about to launch Helix Media 360 in a medical school. He joined hands with him to launch the future of the world. Phillip wants to pursue his interest in the field of Estate Retailers.

Helix Media takes ample of photographs of a house and apartments and stitches to give you a preview of your home to give a seamless visualization. Perspective buyers and renters can buy a headset which will cost them a maximum of $600 and transport the respective seeker into the luxury home or apartment. They can now be able to move around in the model units, i.e. touring in their future home and apartment. The company has started with Greystar’s Siena at Memorial Heights now has Virtual Reality Photographs of some major properties. The company has also captured luxury homes and car dealerships. The company has quadrupled in size in just 2 months and now counts 8 employees under its charge.

The vision of virtual reality 2025 is that it will become $80 billion industry worldwide. Time flies very fast. Ten years ago, if you had a photo gallery of your own you were considered amazing. Now A Virtual Reality has set the standards of coolness way too high. There is a huge need of this technology in the current scenario.




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