Virtual Reality Course Now At Seneca College

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We have read a lot about the advancement in the educational field of Virtual Reality is going on. But, it seems quite fictional that Virtual reality is being taught in universities and colleges to encourage virtual Reality environment. Well, the first batch of Virtual Reality course has been started with real students and in the real physical arena. Seneca College in Toronto is the first college in the world that has started the course. The college feels that every time a student interacts with the technology, he is awestruck and it has been observed by Sumit Bhatia, who is serving as the co-coordinator of Seneca’s Interactive Media and Design Program. It takes a minute to be observed by the technology.

The launch of Virtual Reality has brought some major changes in every single field; it is touching during its course of flowing. For example, it has changed the medical stream in which we can watch live surgeries or a doctor can consult the other one through virtual Reality. In fact, one can now watch videos in Virtual Reality on cancer cells. Medical schools are now using Virtual Reality to train students to be a better surgeon or psychologists.

It is really surprising to know that the students of the college have developed travel apps which allow the person to travel the world with the comfort of the home. Yimeng Shi built an application documenting the disappearance of neon signs in a hope that people will value enough that they will preserve them after experiencing it in the virtual world. Virtual Reality has changed the very view and perspective of the world in their mind.  There are some things that Virtual Reality has also given us like the feeling of nausea while viewing in virtual Reality. Bhatia has confirmed that these challenges will be overcome the scenario and will make it a better experience for the VR enthusiast.




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