Virtual Reality Fulfilled A Long Lasting Dream Of Climbing To The Everest

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Video games are rolling out in the fantasy mode one after another. And now the mode of entertainment has shifted its fantasy mode from games to real fantasy which delivers your dreams and let us taste the reality in reel life i.e. Virtual Reality immersive video. Who hasn’t dreamt to climb the highest peak in the world? And now Virtual Reality has made it possible and took the initiative to fulfill each one’s dream of climbing the Mt Everest. Many tragedies have been there who was on the way to reach the peak top as there is a high rate of risk is involved in this expedition. During the earthquake in Nepal on 25th of April, it killed more than 21 people in an earthquake. Even then also it didn’t close its gates for the business, but it resulted in the increased risk of cancelation of the summit.

This video is launched by Reynir Hardarson who is the Co-Founder of Icelandic studio Sólfar and his team in partnership with Reykjavik Company RVK is behind the incredible virtual reality experience of Everest VR. The video is not real as it is not shot live, but has been made out of 300,000 images of the mountain clubbed together. It is built in Unreal 4 which is powered by computer hardware.  RVK Company was handling the special effects department.

One can actually feel the Company genuinely moved from its place, can lean on the shoulders of the fellow climbers and shook hands with mere ghosts which are in the machine. It gives you a very powerful experience with the presence of people and objects in this experience as they are very close to you.




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