Virtual Reality Has Now Stored Its Place In Space With One Plus3

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Well, we all know that one plus is a new competitor of Samsung and Apple Phones and on the launch of the third flagship Smartphone i.e. OnePlus3 created a virtual Reality experience that actually brought viewers to a space station and because of this act, 60,000 phones tuned in and around 10% of them just bought the phone. The conversion rate has grown nearly 30%. That’s the power of a small world YouTube has reached millions and provided a glimpse of future Virtual Shopping.

The video shows that there are four rooms and each one is featuring one characteristic of the phone. The one plus, Virtual Reality is the way of connecting emotionally with their fans as it gives immersive experience and can have an emotional connection with it too. DigitasLBi has done innumerable projects with Audi, Volvo and now has created movie for one plus too inspired from 2001 space odyssey.

The company also feels that it is VR so let’s go crazy with it. Just like other first Virtual Reality Videos, it is also shown in 360 degree platform and more than 150 people were scanned by a team. According to chief marketing officer Kyle Kiang, the company hasn’t spent enough money on marketing; instead it focused on building community via message boards and organic search traffic. The company feels that the consumer has driven them forward and they further feel that they are pretty unconventional in a lot of ways for a startup.





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