Virtual Reality Made Us Lucky By Emerging As A New Medium

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Virtual Reality has grown at a very rapid pace but it still lacks in accessibility in the mainstream to both the brands and consumers. Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer of Samsung America presents an immersive session of VR at the Cannes Lions Stage, last week. He also claimed that they are at one of those amazing artists junctures. The show highlighted the power and range of Virtual Reality by inviting guest speakers on stage and let them explore the latest technology is shaping the form of storytelling. Andrew Keller a global creative director of the Facebook creative shop presented DALI’s paintings which he named it as DREAMS. He presented it in the Virtual Reality base which allowed the audience to visit the DALI’s painting.

They all made it clear that Virtual Reality not only for the brands, but in the art world too. Oculus story studio’s was presented by Yelena Rachitsky in which she showcased the footage in which cultures from around the world was shown. It is redefining creativity which is enabling us to capture the exact feelings and experiences which gives the same amount of excitement when viewing brands by consumers.

Luxury brands have also joined the race of Virtual Reality but tried to dip in the pot full of colors of ART and storytelling. For example, recently, DIOR created Dior eyes, a complete journey of VR immersive experience with runway atmosphere. A lot of high end virtual Showrooms are increasing a lot in number where consumers can explore a lot of properties from one single place. Audi is one automotive company; it is pioneering in incorporating virtual Reality in its dealerships. Looking at the bigger picture we will see some of the luxury brands to be developed as pioneers in Virtual reality platform based showroom or dealerships. Virtual reality comes with a big price tag and because of that only wealthy customers will be using it. It is said, that, what you sow now, you will reap that later in your life. This fits perfectly in the world of virtual reality and brands that whatever they will invest now, they will reap the rewards in the future.

Well, we all can’t believe that virtual reality made us lucky that it is very rare that one witnesses the development of a new medium on this platform.





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