Virtual Reality to make on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’

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We all are aware that, Virtual Reality has already hit the big screens and now it’s high time to hit the small screen. What will be much better than Jimmy Fallon’s Show “Tonight Show”? The show imbibed a new segment, which they called it as, Virtual Reality Pictionary, which will use the Google’s Tilt Brush Virtual Reality Paint app with HTC VIVE. Well, it is not the first time that Jimmy Fallon is inculcating this Virtual Reality in their show’s environment. It has been used before in 2013, where he used Oculus Rift in a project and called it as ‘Project Morpheus’.

He is all set to embrace HTC VIVE, in their new segment, which they named it as Virtual Reality Pictionary, in which the show is employing the VR headset to play with Google’s Tilt Brush VR paint app to play. In this segment, the players work in a team and in a team, one has to draw and the other one has to guess. And one point is drawn on each guess.

The set is also purposely built for HTC VIVE– like there are two couches on the either side which is leaving a large space in between them. They have put a large screen in the back, which will be projecting the Virtual Reality view for the audience too. Fallon also told its guests that this particular segment’s set up do cost around a million dollars. You must be wondering about, on its working. Well, the VR-user sees the word inside their headset and they have to draw the same thing to the outside. It is a fun-time. Let us see, if it will have the same kind of popularity as Project Morpheus got!




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