Virtual Reality was a “STAR” of the Tokyo Expo

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2016 has seen the rain of Virtual reality headsets and this year at Tokyo Game saw many new headsets which are promising to bring an immersive experience into the living rooms all across Japan. As soon as the expo opened its doors on Thursday, the show floor was crowded with eager visitors to get their hands on 110 new Virtual Reality titles when went on display in the expo. Many of the games presented there were designed to use with the amazing PlayStation VR headset. Taiwan’s HTC was also showing off its own PC-based headset, and i.e. the VIVE.

Bandai Namco Entertainment is this year’s software standouts with its “Summer Lesson,” It is tutoring simulation which tests case for sophisticated technology and also allows player-character interaction. The game is slated for release along with the Sony system in October. Meanwhile Capcom plans to incorporate a VR mode into the next Resident evil instalments which will be released in January 2017. Many companies were making Virtual Reality debut at the show, which includes mobile carrier KDDI with Virtual Reality-based video call software. The company focuses to offer novel communications technology for the current Virtual Reality brimming era with a view that it would be completely different from a casual messaging app service.

Xing, a Karaoke shop operator and famous record label Sony Music Entertainment have both announced their forays into the Virtual Reality content. Tokyo Expo also saw a medical start-up making its debut in this brimming river.  Tokyo Expo also saw the hardware’s and software’s getting more accessible than before. Even the PSVR will go for a steep at 44,980 yen or $440.

VR has a great potential that will revolutionize many industries like from medicine and education to manufacturing in fact. It can only be possible if developers just start to act quickly before the trend or interest fades away.




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