Virtual Reality Witnesses The Start Of Gender Equity In Technology

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Improv actors will now make a single or multiple virtual character for Wizard of Oz’s Virtual Reality experiences. This is a commonly used technique within Virtual Reality training applications where it actually costs a lot cheaper just to have a single actor marionetting multiple virtual character instead of hiring multiple actors in order to generate a sense of social presence. Making of the content of the immersive experience is using keyboard commands in order to have pre-rendered gestures and animations or else they can also be used to have an amazing motion capture and virtual picture.

Charlie Hughes, who is the co-director of the Synthetic Reality Laboratory at the University of Central Florida, is behind this project. He is also the cofounder of TeachLivE, which is a training application that prepares middle school teachers for complicated situations and also for different types of students. He is using this TeachLive technology to teach the improv actors to train actors in the whole episode to be used in this artificial intelligence.

The technology is made able to do this type of life and real theater with these cutting edge special effects of virtual Reality which is already there with the Unreal Engine. Here is the little demo of the technology used for live theatre which started growing after Hollywood marries Virtual Reality.




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