Virtual Reality’s Role in Hollywood

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Hollywood director Ivan Reitman was at the Madame Tussauds on a recent weekday where he took up a passion for Virtual Reality. According to him Virtual Reality is such an amazing technology that forces you to bring yourself in the story. He encourages people to try it once in their life time. They can try it for 10 minutes may be and can realize its amazing power. Sony’s Ghostbusters gave a new Dimension when got dipped in virtual Reality has changed in the Hollywood industry. He is so fascinated by the technology and that is why he wants to dip his toes in the new waters.

For many previous years major studios and media companies have now stood up for virtual Reality and allowing the major headset, making companies like Facebook-owned Oculus rift and Samsung Gear to take the lead in the breathtaking medium. Many Hollywood players have started to invest and hire deals for virtual Reality in Hollywood. In last few weeks, Entertainment players such as Comcast, Fox and WWE have collected $43 million into the start up businesses for Virtual Reality.

The main focus for the investment and deals is to bring the Virtual Reality into the mainstream, so as to provide the most immersive experience through movies being displayed in the VR headset. Michael Yang, who is the managing director of Comcast Ventures, has invested US$7-million in the Montreal-based VR startup Felix & Paul Studios. It has also invested US$6-million in Baobab Studios, which is the sole entity of Eric Darnell, director of Madagascar

Now the question arises whether Virtual Reality will be able to become as much of a player in the so-called cinematic entertainment as it is considered in the gaming interactive space. There is some uncertainty which is surrounded by Virtual reality future, which however is not looking like a slow down deal-making. But, there are many companies that are still considering Virtual Reality as an opportunity to explore and to revolutionize in this world. Last month Fox and WME invested US$13 million in virtual Reality content. We all are excited to see that VR is coming to Hollywood for the VR enthusiasts.





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