VR and Drone Technology had no other better time to Exist

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Virtual Reality is on the rise today and 2k16 has been clearly called the year of VR and rightly so as the technology has developed recently in leaps and bounds. Tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Samsung and HTC have been working on VR separately and full time. Along with VR there have been seen tremendous improvements in media production department to make sure VR has the best content to showcase its potential. In the wake of it, the major tech companies in media brought forward their latest innovative technologies such as the action camera company GoPro recently launched its VR camera rig called Omni to capture 36 degree footage for the virtual reality headsets.

With these latest developments, Go Pro has also launched a website especially for VR called GoPro VR which will let users upload their VR videos shot with the company’s VR camera rig. However, VR could better use a more compact Camera rig mounted atop a consumer drone to capture video footage from almost anywhere and from any angle. With a headset featuring the same footage on the screen could allow a user experience the best view from up above giving the illusion of flying.

The drones paired with VR can be put to a lot of brilliant uses and applications such as using VR drones for extensive search and rescue operations and also by the fire department to analyze large structures. Thinking of more commercial uses VR drones could be used in sports and training by recording footage through the drone to later recreate the training practice to see where a player might have lacked and needed improvement.

The applications and scope of VR cameras and drones are simply endless all we need is to go ahead and embrace it to do our best to put it to the best possible uses.




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