VR Games and Apps That will Scare your Pants off!

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These are undoubtedly the best VR horror experiences you will have that too with something as basic as Google Cardboard. Virtual Reality has given a new thrust to the games and apps for the mobile industry. One of the greatest applications of this technology is delivering a great horror experience through games and apps so good that they probably will scare your pants off! Here are some great games and apps that you must experience with a Google Cardboard but only if you have a heart so brave to bear it.

Black Mass

Black mass is basically a really great Horror movie made especially for Virtual reality that will surely give you Goosebumps. Black Mass begins with you waking up in a dingy garage after being drugged and soon all the weird stuff begins happening. It lets you sit back in a swivel chair with the lights turned off and experience some scary stuff in virtual reality. So if you’re looking for something crazy and spooky enough just to make you scream and shiver this is an experience you ought to have.

Silent Home

Silent Home is another VR horror game experience similar to the House of Terror VR game which lets you explore a haunted house and wander freely in the spooky environment searching for the pages of an exorcism book. The game also offers you a lot of challenges while collecting the pages as the game brings about spooky turn of events like never ending corridors and turning up at the same place over and over again.


11.57 is another striking sit and enjoy while all kinds of scary and nasty stuff goes on all around the player or user in the VR. It is a straightforward and brief story as such which is made scary by some ghastly looking figures that make an appearance every now and then. Also, the game features a lot of live action which makes it even more realistic and scary.


Supernatural is basically a short horror movie which serves as a coherent story with the movie Insidious which provides a 36o degree view of the setting. The video is filled with more than a couple of freak out moments which will probably have you screaming. However, the movie is in Spanish but it won’t have any effect on the overall experience.




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