VR & Netflix: Joined Hands For Future In-Flight Entertainment

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Virtual Reality is like the rain which is touching every face, which is coming under this raining cloud. Currently the Virtual Reality is raining over a more beautiful face that lets you fly to your destination with comfort. Netflix and Virtual Reality have joined hands to make this face even more beautiful. Together they will now replace those tiny screens which displayed low quality movies in the aerospace industry. Companies showcased VR stations on their stands at the Farnborough Air show, which mainly focused on the jets interior and experience in their planes. They also showcased that how aircraft makers are predicting the incorporation of Virtual Reality in Cabins soon!

Andy Anderson, who is the deputy chief technology officer at Airbus told the media that the consumer market is currently on the runway and is about to take off with an expectation sitting inside that plane that Airbus will inculcate latest technology in their cabins. Currently, it is like a treat for the passenger who is sitting inside the plane and has put their VR headset and allowing them to see a movie under that beautiful trail of stars. Now, that is innovation and development.

Virtual Reality can also help those people who are claustrophobic and they can project people into an open space. Australian airline Qantas have already been tested with this technology on selected routes. Many companies are still working on plane specific Virtual Reality applications. A project named ‘windowless planes’ is being worked on by Trillenium, a startup which can transport passengers in business class seats. Airlines can provide hardware, but it is also giving freedom to the consumers that they can also bring their own headset. They are making proper arrangements for this as they will now be providing on-board internet.

Well, this will not be 10 years from now, this is currently happening as we are writing this, and you are reading this and something that the aeroplane should be equipped with and  Netflix again proved it by making VR enabled content for the VR enthusiast.





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