VR Now Lets You Experience The Alien Combat Mission On A Cancer Cell

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Virtual Reality is touching every little aspect our lives, and then why not cells? It is actually difficult to imagine, what it would be like walking on a cancer cell surface. It would make you feel like an alien planet where drugs nano particles would behave like some alien spaceship came to rescue their planet. It feels like some adventure where you are put on a mission to combat each of them. John McGhee of the University of New South Wales in Sydney in Australia has reconstructed a real-life cancer cell from a human breast in 3D CGI by using high-resolution electron-microscope data.

In this you can tour the cell’s interior, tiptoeing around the nucleus, endosmosis, mitochondria, etc. This idea will help chemists and biologists can now make themselves feel better by researching in that arena.  The next project they are undertaking is to create 3D virtual Representations of the arteries of the people who had bad strokes. People can now walk through their arteries and can see how much cholesterol has accumulated in their body and so on. The next project they are going to take is to reach the aorta and see the arterial plaques for yourself, may it would help them to improve their rehab and rate of recovery.

Virtual reality has helped the medical lines to undergo in broad dimensions, but it is also equally important to have a firm grip on that thin line between fact and fiction.




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