VR On Daydream-Ready Phones Is Now Enjoying Chrome Support

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Google today has recently unveiled that People can now look for Virtual Reality content in the Chrome App on Daydream Ready Android devices. This is really great as users can be able to explore these VR websites and that too without the whole VR equipment. You don’t have to worry about the fact, if you don’t have a headset. You will still be able to view and enjoy the Virtual Reality content on any phone or desktop computer. Megan Lindsay, who is the Google Product Manager, said that, very soon, Google will let you explore the Virtual Reality pages through their Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset.

This has been done because, the Cardboard and Google Daydream View has been just confined to the application arena only and to change this whole given scenario, it is coming to the web and specifically to the Chrome Browser. It is because, according to the statistics, the Chrome Browser is said to have more than 1 billion active Android and iOS users.

It is clear that Google was already planning for this big thing. If we look back then we will see that when Google chose Clay Bavor to head their VR division, they together launched Pixel, the first ever daydream ready phone in October and later in December, it launched an origin trial for the developers in December so that they could try WebVR Application Programming Interface and that too in beta release of Chrome 56 for Android. Later in May Google Company hired Josh Carpenter, head of the MozVR initiative by Mozilla. He’s been very actively working on WebVR as a UI designer for immersive Computing at Google.

Therefore, by looking at the past events, we can now very confidently say that Google has been always in the process of bringing WebVR to chrome for desktops.  It is said that the Developers still need to get enroll in the origin trial in order to get a token for the WebVR API.




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