Want To Know, What Is Inside Of Oculus Touch?

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Everyone has this desire to rip down the gadgets and see what’s inside! These things are done by very eager and curious human beings, be it a child or a grown up. The technology loaded gadgets are a bumper prize of these curious and eager people. iFixit is made up of those people who are very curious and eager to know what is there inside a gadget, and how it is carrying out a certain function. Therefore, to continue with their relentless quest to teardown each and everything apart in an electronic gadget, so as to see the working with their bare eyes. They have recently gotten their hands on the Oculus Touch Controllers. Oculus has beautifully made these touch controllers with better weight distribution so that they rest in our palms and that too with our loose grip. This amazing exercise gave a great insight to the components which have been stuffed inside to make a great gadget for us!

Oculus, like any other company doesn’t wish the users to fiddle with their gadget’s internals. Therefore, to make sure, it is no surprise that there are some hidden layers and hidden screws in order to obstruct the teardown process. Once this complex tearing down job is done, and then comes the layer of densely layered circuit boards that is very rarely wasting any space.

The main board is totally full of components, inclusive of some familiar Bluetooth and also with the motion processing chips along with the two springs that is sitting right below the face buttons. They are a part of the capacitive sensing circuit. The linear oscillator is also mounted way too low down in the grip which is near the battery in order to deliver the most effective vibration so as to achieve the Touch controller’s excellent weight distribution.




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