Watch Gorillaz’s Debut Latest Album In Amazing 360 Music Video

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Our very favorite Gorillaz, which is a famous ‘virtual band’, consists of four fictional characters. This virtual Band is a highly anticipated fifth studio album. They released their first track Saturnz Barz (Spirit House), that too in a form of a very impressive as well as immersive 360 music video. Their very first album Humanz doesn’t launch until the 28th. It is a super six-minute animated 360 music videos which have certain fabric trends of ‘Andromeda,’ ‘We Got The Power’, and ‘Ascension,’.

The video is a perfect potpourri of traditional and CGI animation. But the most unfortunate part is that it is not in 3D, even though, when viewed in very high quality, the sharp edges of the CGI environments give a great sense of depth as compared to most of the other non-3D and also 360 videos. With a very careful and dedicated direction, this 360-degree video is amazing and in fact, makes it worth watching for amazing immersion power!

Now if you wish to watch this immersive video on Google Daydream, you can watch it through the YouTube VR app in Cardboard mode and you can select your nearest video quality. It is both for iOS and Android. If you want to go for Gear VR, then you must log on to through Samsung Internet Gear VR app. If you want to go for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift go for Virtual Desktop 360-degree video function. There are many live things are going on like O2 is here and brings out a cool VR live entertainment experience. Will this Virtual band sustain for long?




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