Weekend Sale offers Discount on VIVE and RIFT Games at Steam VR

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Steam VR’s first ever Weekend Sale is here which is offering heavy discounts on popular HTC VIVE and Rift Games such as Vanishing Realms, Subnautica, Adr1ft, Zombie Training Simulator, Elite Danger, etc. Apart from VR games the weekend sale is also offering a clubbed discount on the SteamVR bundle which is available at a discounted price of $225 letting you save $40 for buying 20 featured titles.

So if you wish to boost your VR game collection, now is the right time to do so as VIVE and Rift owners can benefit from the 181 VR titles and experiences on discount ranging from 10%- 80%. Although, Steam has regularly encouraged weekend sales by hosting limited-time discounts and special offers, this major sale is aimed at the span of the complete catalogue of VR items making it the first ever exclusive VR sale to go onboard.

Valve’s digital store has seen a very swift rise in the VR content available on the online store including updates of the VR compatible games and the dyed-in-the-wool virtual reality experiences like the Star Wars trial and VR Funhouse by Nvidia.

As the weekend sale shall commence keen players will be able to pick games from some of the top-rated Steam VR releases where the simulator-styled VR are the prime focus of the Valve’s weekend Sale with great discounts on the big scale simulation experiences such as Universe Sandbox and Tabletop Simulator.

For those who have ordered their VR headsets and are looking to stock up their Virtual reality games library in advance, it is advisable to them to not to miss this chance and make most of it while you can!




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