Windlands 2 for Playstation VR and HTC

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Psytec Games has been the supporter of Oculus Rift since the headset was launched in 2016. It is releasing Windlands 2, the sequel of Windlands with versions for PlayStation VR and HTC. Most probably, it will arrive in the markets next week.

The sequel is more or less like the original but far more interesting. It keeps the same grappling hook mechanic as its forebear, but instead of being a single-player game, it has now turned into a four-player co-op adventure. Though you can play the game as a single player, you get the choice to add up to three players to journey across fantastical environments. The original was non-combative however, Windlands 2 includes battles.

Unlike the original, this version includes a Bow weapon, apart from the grappling hook, to fight the titans. It is said that the graphics are excellently improved and the players will enjoy swinging through the vast expansive environments.

In order to keep things interesting, Windlands 2 includes optional skill based Speed Run Races, collection challenges with Leaderboards, multiple advanced modes including no hooks, one life an hook anything. There are also Easter Eggs and some collectibles to find. The players who find everything are also awarded achievements and rewards such as extra hooks.

It is expected to arrive for Oculus Rift on 12th September 2018 for $29.99 USD. The details will be soon released by Psytec Games.

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Rolve Bhatia


Rolve Bhatia

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