You favourite ‘The Lawnmower Man’ will now come to meet you SOON!

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Jaunt is a California based Company announced at Sundance that it is now going to relive Virtual Reality Classic, known as “Lawnmower Man” you just have to wear a Virtual Reality Headset which is known as the frontier to the Technology in order to enjoy it fully as the Movie is being translated into the VR series.

When the Movie was first launch in 1992 with Virtual Reality, it broke all the bars of imagination and creativity. The right holder Jim Howell sounds more excited to work together with Jaunt as they look forward in order to fill Virtual Reality with new air so as to bring the world of immersion and entertainment together. The holders and company are both excited to work with Jaunt in order to create a Virtual Reality themed Film.

Jaunt announced the titles in production that includes a 12-episode sci-fi series which they have named as ‘Luna’ which is created by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage and directed by directed by Robert Schwentke.

If we talk about the company then we all know that the Jaunt started it career as a Virtual Reality camera maker, but their hard work has taken the company to a different level, like now they are getting into the motion business. The company was able to raise more than $100 million from Disney, BSkyB, Google Ventures, China Media Capital and many others.





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