Your Favorite ‘The Vikings’ Joined Hands With VR For Their Fans

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We all know that ‘The Vikings’ are an American football team from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings joined the National Football League (NFL) and  became a team in 1960. Well, on 15th of July, they announced a dramatic and interactive space in the United States and named it as the voyage will cover basically 10,000 of the 1.75 million square feet. It has a bold design and is also known for its complete home of the Vikings. The team itself is taking up the on themselves, which is millions of dollars for their fans to let them explore levels in an immersive experience.

As an organization, they are continually looking forward to innovation so that they can bring the best possible experience for their fans. The Vikings owner or president Mark Wilf said that the voyage will ultimately bring the fans together, which will give them the opportunity to celebrate Vikings history. This event will honor the heritage of their region by showcasing rare memorabilia. Fans will have a treat as they will now have an opportunity to run shuttle drills, catch passes, etc. and all of this using virtual Reality devices. The Results of those activities will be tracked with the Radio-frequency identification, a system in silicon bracelets that the consumers will be wearing during those activities which can be kept as a souvenir.

Everything is taken care of, even your comfort was taken into consideration and that is why, if in any case, the fans get tired; they will be able to grab a seat on a bench in their immersive experience. The projection screen that will be installed will measure, 27 feet wide that will allow the fans to have a full immersive experience that will give them modern video features too. The timings of the US bank stadium construction were allowed by the Vikings employees to survey deeply so as to let the available technology to see the space and utilize it properly.

The voyage will be located above the official team store directed in the west side of the stadium. At first, will be kept as free, but will be priced after a small period so as to manage the crowd size through interactive spaces. They will open before, during and after home games and during any Vikings special events and will be closed during non-Vikings events.




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