Zero Latency Joins Forces With Sega To Promote Its Multi-player VR Game In Japan

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Melbourne based Virtual Reality Startup Company named Zero Latency that rose to fame with its Multi-player free roam VR experience in no time has now joined forces with Sega to take its inner city warehouse adventure game to Japan as per an official announcement made by the authorities declaring collaboration with Sega Live Creation on Tuesday.

Zero Latency’s virtual reality gaming experience is set to establish permanent station in Tokyo Amusement Park, Joypolis from July 16 onwards this summer. The much-hyped factor about the game is the fact that Zero Latency provides a wireless Virtual Reality tracking technology that can track players roaming around freely in a warehouse sized space contrary to what most of the commercial VR headset technologies have offered so far such as HTC Vive which offers tracking in a smaller area.

The multi-player game allows six players to remain active at any particular moment allowing the players to view each others’ avatars in VR. The game also allows players to team up in order to accomplish the proposed mission of the game which revolves around the theme of Zombie shooting and combat. However, Zero Latency is now working to develop a custom experience for Sega with latest content and weapons.

The company is also reported to be building a shorter, arcade version of the game for Sega.
Apart from this the company is also in talks for deals in U.S., Australia, China and Europe which cannot be officially confirmed as for now.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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