AMD Acquired Wireless Virtual Reality IP from Nitero

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AMD today announced that it has successfully acquired the key engineering talent and Intellectual Property from Nitero. A little bit about Nitero, it is famous for its phased-array beam forming millimeter wave chip in the field! The chips are used in wireless Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems. The deal was successful and the teams of the deal were not disclosed.

Nitero’s its phased-array beam forming millimeter wave chip can transmit multi-gigabit streams with lower latency in room-sized Virtual Reality environments. The beam forming is the key to eliminate all the line-of-sight requirements which are associated with the traditional high-frequency mm-wave systems widely used in wired Virtual Reality headsets. On the other hand, in the timeline of AMD, till this point, their efforts in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality space revolved around their very own CPUs which are fitted inside the VR-ready PCs. With the help of this major acquisition, AMD is making to change its axle to revolve around the wireless system of Virtual Reality space. Many of the Virtual Reality headset makers think that it is the end goal for them to make a VR headset wireless.

Mark Papermaster who is the AMD chief technology officer and senior vice president said that the unwieldy headset cables just remain a significant barrier so as to drive a widespread adoption of the Virtual Reality. Their newly acquired wireless VR technology mainly focuses on solving the major challenge which is making the AMD a long-term technology investment in order to develop high- performance through headset!




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