Best VR Headset to try for Gaming in 2020

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The Twitt is a platform for all the VR related latest News and application development strategies for new age Virtual Reality Games and apps. So here we’re sharing a few top reviewed and rated best VR Headsets that you must try in 2020, get one of the best VR headsets and enjoy the truly immersive experience of Virtual Reality. People these days are taking the utmost interest in the latest technologies and upcoming gadgets due to Covid19 unprecedented times everyone is preferring staying at home and looking for distinct ways to keep themselves entertained and engaged in the tech world. You might be a gaming lover or PC User who is looking for the highest quality Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Top most considerable Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets 2020: 

  • Best VR headset: Valve Index | Price: $999 approx

This is for the gamers who want a next-level VR headset. It comes with an Ultra crisp display that runs extremely well and this headset gives users the widest field of view.

  • Top console Gamer VR headset; PlayStation VR | Price: $299

This elegant VR Headset is featured-packed as Sony is backing this up, PSVR is gaming-friendly with this headset user can experience high-end gaming on PC at quite affordable rates

  • Exclusive standalone VR headset: Oculus Quest | Price: $399

It’s the most innovative piece of Virtual Reality Headset which is overall excellent for gaming experience as it comes with No wires. No PC. Just a headset and controllers take you & engage you in another gaming world.

  • PC runner up Oculus Rift S | Price: $399

Its PC powered Virtual Reality Gameplay Headset with improved visuals that completely immerses you into the gaming world with already available multiple games and let you experience all games for free. 

  • Mobile VR headset, Samsung Gear VR | Price: $130 approx

It might be the best option for you if you’re a Samsung mobile user as this VR Headset supports several Samsung mobile devices it comes with a new lightweight controller, updated Gear VR which is more user friendly than before, and its USB-C connector can easily connect directly to any Samsung Galaxy phone.

Nowadays in digital space, Virtual Reality (VR) is projected as quickly booming and becoming one among the most interesting and overemphasized technologies in 2020 during COVID 19. Some top Tech companies reported that usage of Virtual Reality has accelerated the pace during worldwide pandemic and its usage has specifically increased across gaming and PC users and is in much demand because VR keeps users completely engaged and entertained during any moment. 

Best VR Headset 2020
Best VR Headset 2020

Get these all advanced and excellent VR headsets that have come with distinct price ranges and each one has its own unique strengths, and if you’re not sure which headset to buy, it could be quite a costly mistake to make. We always suggest you invest according to your budget. There are multiple options available for you like the Valve Index and standalone Oculus Quest, there are other VR headsets available in the market but offer PC quality without being tethered to a computer. If you have more details about the above-mentioned VR Headsets we will be happier if you write for us at so we can keep our viewers updated with the latest technology all the time.

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