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TheTwitt is a surging Web portal for Latest Technology centralized around Virtual Reality sharing the enthusiasm and spreading information about this wondrous technology. With this thought, we are providing the best platform to those who share the same passion for technology to share information, opinions and reviews with the community. Therefore, we thank you for showing your interest in writing for us, however, there are some guidelines that need to be followed by the guests.

Guidelines for the Author’s Bio

  • Guest Author’s bio must be legitimate and must not contain information or any links to irrelevant subjects or websites such as adult websites, spam or illegal websites or weight loss websites.
  • Author’s bio must solely contain information about the author and his/her background.
  • Apart from all the information, author’s bio must contain at least one link to any of the author’s social networking profiles. (Preferably Linked In)
  • Backlinks to any other informational content or website will be provided in the Author’s Bio by the management.

Guidelines for Writing Content

  • The posts written must be rich in vital and relative content preferably more than 350 words in length but not less than 250. Also, the information provided in the posts must be relevant to the subject or the theme of the website.
  • Relevant and high-quality image(s) along with the article is a must or else a delay in publishing could be seen as images will be added to the post by our team.
  • The posts written must be free from typo, spelling or grammatical errors in order to be published on the website.
  • The posts submitted must fall under any of the categories displayed on the website namely- News, Strategies, and Reviews.
  • Self-promotional content or material written to embed client links, third party links, commercial or sales page links and links taking to landing pages or irrelevant information are strictly prohibited.

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