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Why Django is a top full-stack framework- The Twitt

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Django is a full-stack Python framework and available as open-source. The speed of Django is remarkable; designed to make applications fast. It’s a versatile and most convenient framework of Python language used by the developers, and hence coding can be done quickly. It simplifies complex coding, designs web applications really fast and thus saves a lot of time. 

Django is widespread, and the best Python web app framework for its unique features. This framework is most secure, enabling developers to apply required features, allow creating and delivering highly scalable and high-speed versatile web apps. Moreover, with Django, developers can make database transfers between one and to the other app by applying the same code.

This framework is used for developing complex web applications, and for users to manage everything effectively on this framework; they require an account and password authentication. It works quite efficiently in managing heavy traffic websites and mostly used in content management and scientific computing platforms

Django’s key features include

  • Transfer data between one platform to another by applying the same code through Database schema migrations 
  • Template engine tool used to compile, reuse and simplify your code across multiple files.
  • Support for automatic URL routing
  • allows you to quickly create web application without all of the installation or dependency problems
  • Excellent Documentation and Authentication
  • Django has an extensive library and a lot of self-contained packages that have multiple reusable features.
  • Django community is responsive, robust and vast that contributes to GitHub, the biggest platform for developers.
  • Supports cross-platform with high scalability
  • An open-source framework that is much preferred by the developers.
  • Loaded with lots of extras like RSS feeds, site maps, etc. that help in executing web applications more accessible.

Why use Django for web development:

  • For rapidly developing Web Applications or API Backend
  • Develop Scalable web application as per requirement 
  • Speed of Django is noteworthy also deploying application Fast 
  • A Perfect Object-relational mapper (ORM) for working with a database instead of database queries
  • To develop a secure single page application for either retrieving data or posting data

Companies using Django:

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Spotify
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Disqus

Conclusion :

Django is a rapid web development framework that can be used to develop fully fleshed web applications in a short period. Django is lightweight and has some stand-alone features included; the main aim of this framework is to make complicated web applications easy so that it can be developed within less time. Among all frameworks of Python Language, Django would be a favourite choice of developers; mostly, also used in some of the most well-known websites like Mozilla, Instagram, etc. 

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