Get a Wonderful DJ Experience with Electronauts!

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Do you want to be immersed in an interactive environment where you drop, build, remix, and jam with your friends and top artists? Do you want to crush sets, create songs, and express yourself like never before?
Well, ‘Electronauts’ is here to set the stage for you to DJ and make music in virtual reality! It is a wonderful DJ experience with a twist, no turntables. Survios has created ‘Music Reality Engine’ that offers players a way to remix popular tracks from different music genres without needing any skills.
If you have ever wanted to ride the vibes of a top DJ playing hit playlists on the main stage, ‘Electronauts’ brings you a chance to pursue your passion with the beat. No matter your skill level, this VR-exclusive experience lets you create music with confidence. It features 40+ songs from top 50 artists across trap, hip hop, EDM, and various other genres.
It is a proprietary technology that always keeps your sounds bumping on beat regardless of how much you mix. You can jam on 8 different digital instruments arrayed on a customizable deck. You can record sequences and loops, mashup, layer filters or arrange songs in your own style. And this is all possible in VR! Collaborate with a friend or form an ultimate power duo by jumping into a cross-platform quick-match session.
Get your hands on ‘Electroanauts’ and crush your set with adaptable colors, surreal visuals, and perfect camera angles that make your performance fit your mood.
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