Killing Floor: Double Feature

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Killing Floor: Incursion is an entertaining and visceral game that has been repackaged into Killing Floor: Double Feature that features virtual reality (VR). It now includes the Espire 1 ‘Control Theater’ mechanic and a free movement system for VR that aims to eliminate motion sickness for the players. The players can anytime switch between teleportation and the newly enhanced free move with ‘Control Theater’ overlay in the options menu. They also have the power to turn the feature off altogether. The VR version will also comprise the Mrs. Foster Playable Character DLC from Killing Floor 2.

The Incursion was originally designed for Oculus Rift back in 2017 before seeing ports to other headsets that included PlayStation VR. It’s a single-player game and its glorious action romp is easy to play through in one sitting. The players have to take on the role of Horzine Security Forces soldiers and team up with allies to fend off the Zed hordes using various weapons such as blades, pistols, shotguns, etc.

The players are free to explore the environment, scavenge for weapons, and ammo while searching for the best locations to fight the monsters. This is similar to PUBG, the most trending non-VR games in modern times. You will definitely have a good experience while playing this immersive game.

The Killing Floor: Double Feature is now available at videogame retailers as well as PlayStation Store for $39.99 USD / €39.99 EUR / £34.99 GBP. For more updates on the recent VR trends, technologies, and games, stay tuned to our blogs.




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