Virtual Reality Tour: A walk on ‘Red Planet’ (MARS)

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Question about the existence of life on Mars is still unanswered. What if you get a chance to visit and experience what NASA has unfolded and experienced over there till date? What if you get Tour of Mars! Sounds crazy? But thanks to ‘Virtual Reality’ and NASA for initiation and offering us this opportunity.

It has been approximately 50 years now since NASA has started searching for life on MARS (Red planet). Since then NASA has been collecting images, running experiments by its rovers sent over there and it has been scanning the Martian surface by its Satellites. By clubbing all these images NASA has made a precise landscape of Mars in 3D.

HoloLense mixed reality headset by Microsoft has brought it into life. OnSight software based mixed reality headset, a product of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory adds a virtual element to user’s real environment.

Bill Whitaker, American TV journalist, this week on 60 minutes took a trip to Mars through Virtual Reality. He shared his experience that with virtual reality glasses you feel as you are on the surface of Mars. In this Katie Stack Morgan, a research scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory helped Whitaker in exploring the Martian surface. Whitaker also explored the Mountain sharp which is three-mile high mountain covered by multiple layers of rocks. This mountain reveals how Mars have changed over time.

NASA’s JPL is working to make this virtual reality experience accessible to the public soon.




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