HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit Now Available to Pre-Order in the UK

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With the advent of time and technology, HTC Vive has released a ‘starter kick’ after the headset. Earlier, it was available to European customers only but as of now, it has been made available for pre-ordering in the UK.

Coming complete with a Vive Pro headset, two Lighthouse base stations 1.0, two controllers 1.0, and the link box, the HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit is retailing for £1,119 GBP. A free 2-month Viveport trial subscription is also offered as you start off.

The HTC Vive Pro Full Kit is available on the website for £1,299 and comes with two Lighthouse base stations 2.0 which are ideal for larger installations such as location-based entertainment (LBE) centers. The kit also has snazzy blue controllers to match the headset. Currently, the kit is out of stock on the official UK website but will soon be full. HTC Vive has yet to confirm when the HTC Vive Pro Full Kit will be made available in territories like North America.

This year, the company took its flagship headset further with the reveal of HTC Vive Pro Eye at CES. With the built-in eye-tracking feature, the new headset is being aimed towards the enterprise market rather than the consumer. This has been possible due to the partnership with Tobii.

The normal HTC Vive still retails for £499 so it will be quite a jump to purchase the HTC Vive Pro Starter Kit.

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