Galactig Creates App to Spread Awareness about Dementia

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Dementia is a critical condition that is difficult to be understood from an outside perspective. This doesn’t only rob the sufferers but their families and friends too. To help with us, Galactig, a creative agency, has created an excellent piece for Virtual Reality (VR) software for Oculus Rift known as ‘Dementia First Hand’.

Aiming to be as realistic as possible, this software features various scenarios related to everyday chores such as making a cup of tea in the kitchen or looking for the car keys. The user will hear a voice through the headset that speaks in a manner a person with dementia may think i.e. telling you to put an electric kettle on the hob, in order to demonstrate the confusion a person with dementia feels. This is a wonderful use of the virtual reality (VR) technology to help people fully immerse in the narrative.

‘Dementia First Hand’ is a part of Gwynedd Council funded Dementia Friends initiative and has been used at dementia workshops since the middle of 2018. A person suffering from dementia often loses his/her ability to communicate. So, this technology paints a picture of this inability (experience), immersing the user in a situation where they recognize the need for actions to manage various tasks and the words associated with actions, but are simply not able to retrieve them.

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