Astro Bot – The Highest-Rated VR Video Game

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Astro Bot Rescue Mission, developed by Sony Japan Studio, stands as the highest rated VR video game of all the time. It is one of the most anticipated virtual reality (VR) titles to come to the PlayStation VR. The game has been on most people’s radars for quite a time now.

It is the kind of game that ends up driving mass market adoption of VR as a whole. It is amazing to see something so inventive and ahead of the curve in today’s day and age. Astro Bot is a gloriously inventive 3D platformer that is getting great reviews. It usurps Lone Echo from the spot, beating it by a full point.

As reported by gamingbolt, the game is doing surprisingly well on a number of aggregator websites such as Metacritic, Opencritic, VR Game Critic, etc. The title has a rating of 89 and is one of the highest rated titles of the year. This high-rated VR video game has a score of 90 and a user score of 9.0 over 200 ratings.

These numbers show just how amazing the title is and how much of a success the launch has seen.

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