Bushnell Carrying Forward The Vision Of Real Life Experiences With VR

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Son of Nolan Bushnell, who was the father of Pong creator Atari in 1970, Brent Bushnell, also the cofounder of Two Bit Circus, also feels that PC and Console games have become very complicated with 16-button controllers. At an event named GameLab, a game developer event in Barcelona, Bushnell and Eric Gradman cofounders of Two Bit Circus have created a fun way in engineering nature to use the perfect combination of interaction, electronics and real world physical experiences. Brent Bushnell now wishes to walk in his father’s footsteps to bring the gamers closer to the real game experience. Brent is focused on creating Narrative Reality which means it is a combination of immersive interaction of Virtual Reality with our real life.

They both believe in experimenting with a lot of games and tools like Virtual Reality.  Recently they started on a project to create Virtual Reality entertainment with its ‘Story Rooms’ customized for an interactive space adventure. It is an adventure where one person is in virtual Reality and the other person is not and that person has to describe and give directions of the things what other person has to do. In return the person in virtual Reality has to describe what they see. There are so many projects that have been undertaken by them such as Virtual Reality experience which let you feel what it feels like to be in a race car and what it feels like to be a football player on the Gridiron.

The other brands have felt the Millennial Value Experiences over owning things and that is why various brands want to work with them and are currently working them. According to them, the reason behind these various ideas is that they want people to have more real life experiences dipped in Virtual Reality and that is why they are helping various projects who are working with the idea and the number of projects will collide into one major project.

Bushnell believes in putting random inputs in the form of the conventions and should experiment as much as possible.




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