Experience The Best Of Rio: Beyond The Map Ahead Of Olympics 2k16

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The Olympics of 2k16 is just around the corner which will be hosted in the ever in festive spirit city of Rio de Janeiro. The city will be alive hosting hundreds of athletes from across the world along with many a sports enthusiasts over the next month during the ongoing of the biggest Sports event in the world.

Pertaining to the brilliant occasion and the enthralling spirited city of Rio de Janeiro, Google has come up to make the best use of Virtual Reality the new cutting edge technology with the help of which people from all over the world shall have access to the intricacies of the beautiful city.

Right ahead of Olympics 2k16 Google has decided to Rio to its online collection of Art & Culture feature which lets the viewers to not only explore the Olympics venue but also explore at large what the Brazilian city has to offer.

Google’s Art & culture lets you explore 360 degree panoramic views of various localities in Rio showing off the most famous places in Rio such as the Christ the Redeemer Statue and the Theatro Municipal, etc. There is a collection of almost 3,000 photos and video archives that you can virtually take a tour of using the Google Cardboard App.

The collection is so extensive such that it also provides archived pictures and eve exhibits looking through Rio’s history (Only if you’re more into history and heritage) and you can immerse yourself into the past exploring the rich heritage of the place.

Google has ensured that every viewer gets to taste the festive feeling through the use of Virtual Reality and its Google Art & Culture application which is accessible on phones along with Google VR Cardboard right ahead of Olympics 2016 which will also be covered in VR. The events commence on 5th August and shall carry on till 21st August.




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