Here’s Why We Need APIs to Build Good Apps

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API stands for Application Programming Interface that influences the overall business processes as they allow the seamless flow of information from one software system to another. APIs functions to facilitate the creation of apps which are used in juxtaposition with multiple front-end apps or products. It is through the use of APIs that reports, charts, and various graphs are so efficiently used for streamlined business operations which can further benefit business owners in the following ways:

  • Minimize potential risk
  • Calculating costs
  • Delivering cutting edge services
  • Enhancing productivity

With all the proposed benefits we can say that APIs are the foundation of good apps and without an efficient API the processes and apps can easily come to a halt at any point. Also, APIs aren’t limited to any particular UI, device or an operating system hence users and developers can use data in interesting new ways. With frequent changes to hardware and Operating Systems, well-defined and robust APIs help the businesses and developers to adapt quickly and work swiftly.

APIs help in sharing App data which further facilitates regular and frequent updates of the apps without the need to re-deploy builds of the app on respective App Stores. This is why apps such as Google are currently the best examples of APIs used constructively. The apps use personally as well as data were driven and combined from different sources to provide an overall information guide to the users for their day-to-day activities. On the other hand APIs such as Citymapper tie up with different APIs to transfer information and data smoothly across APIs.

Concluding we can say APIs are extremely essential as they recognize and fulfill the need to gather and share information from different sources without having to jump from app to app. Therefore, Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox have all provided users and developers with their APIs to integrate their services seamlessly into apps.

APIs in the near future can very well function with cloud computing to share information securely and faster than devices can and as long as Apps can interact with APIs we can utilize data that we need to.




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