Indispensable Do’s To Overcome Cultural Barrier For Mobile App UX

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Globalization has made the world a much smaller place in which has sparked mobile application usage a lot. And in return it has also brought many challenges for the mobile app designers as they have to deliver cross- cultural mobile experiences across different regions, etc.  One usually designs a mobile application which addresses local needs of the different cultures and also thinking about its different usage too. How can we overcome cultural difference while designing a mobile app? Let us see the following points.

DO comprehend user personas: Culture is related to the unique personality of the users. Each of the cultures is referred as a separate customer segment with many different interpretations regarding the same things. Knowing your audience is not enough, one has to understand the diversification being made on the basis of color, language or imagery. This will help the app designers to create a realistic and reliable picture for their audience in the global arena.

DO Interpret the cultural role: there are many things like language, color, religion, age-old traditions, etc that may differ from region to region; you have to understand them and overcome them in case of your mobile app UI/UX.

Do Proper Evaluation the Impact of visual design: There are many permutations and combinations that are present in the world like if color defines peace in one religion but might define aggressiveness in the other religion. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand them in order to overcome them for your mobile app UI/UX.  Icons or signs sometimes represent different meanings in different cultural contexts which are displaying many distinguishing meanings.

DO Have Proper Character Representation:  By using illustrative things or unambiguous words in content, you can have a distinct contact on person’s user minds. One should choose the right participants for your UX research for mobile apps.

Well, we saw that instead of having various cultural dimensions, you can still make a distinct impact on the individual user’s decision-making power. Now, you have gained a deep insight into the understanding of various cultural values, you are now able to break the cultural barrier for your application.




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