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Even Shakespeare says in the shadow of Julius Caesar that ‘Experience is the Teacher of All Things’. So we bring the experiences of a group in which Engineers and Developers work together at Google Daydream Labs that will help other to will improve experiences in virtual reality.


Representations of human in virtual reality is known as AVATAR. Avatar is simplified to the lowest form and i.e. with head with goggled-eyes just floating around. They express different kind of emotions like surprise, intent, and various social cues. They give location to a particular person by looking at that particular point and speaking towards it. When these avatars are equipped with spatially located voice and provide him hands, it makes it presence feel like another being standing with you.

CONNECTING PHYSICAL WITH VIRTUAL: You can make a person feel connected when someone is totally alone in VR by having conversations recorded as subtle reminder that makes it possible to combine two spaces and i.e. real and virtual. And when someone joins in with a person in virtual world, the real world for that person seems to be slipping away. And this can be experienced well in multiplayer activities.

JOIN A TEAM: Want to experience Virtual Reality but don’t know where to start and what to start with? It is advisable to join a Team than to start directly with VR. Create multiplayer goals in a team and it will help you to make your Virtual Reality experience extra fun and amazing and this way you’ll break the break with Virtual Reality. You will make new friends and by this you are giving other people something to play with, together.

DO YOU KNOW EVERYONE? One often feels change in the person’s real height or other scale values when viewing in VR than viewing him outside VR world. You can adjust the settings in the VR world by making them tallest or the shortest or showing them of the same height. We all know that Height is such an important factor in real life so; one can make changes in the VR world accordingly.
We hope that these experiences of software engineers and developers will help you to land Virtual Reality platform with an amazing landing.




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