MOOD BOARDS: Catching Of Light Of Passion In Users By UX Designs

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The Human being is widely driven by its emotions and it is the main key that also affects the user experience surveys. Well, must be wondering about Mood boards? Well, they are a collection of assets and materials which are intended to communicate the style, direction or project. There are some feelings which are entirely out of control like when a documentary, specially evokes a feeling in you which is very powerful just like a vision of our earth’s bleak bright future. There is a small place for such provocative imagery because of UX design. As a UX designer, you have an immense power to reach out to the users on a different level that is many tiers beyond the usability and the accessibility. Now let us talk about the emotion. Let us talk on maintaining a full control over the UX Design. It is basically about passion, which is as much as it is about design.

UXDs, uses mood boards, are used to target an emotional user. A good mood board will always address the stylistic and realistic cues that will define a product experience. An excellent mood board will always define an emotional experience of the user – and everything else is a mere to support an experience. First, determine that what exactly you want others to feel, so plan accordingly. You can even put together the amazing and emotional imagery, color and language, to be stylistic cues.

To ensure that your mood board is actually capturing the precise emotional response for you that you want to determine and is necessary, then it can be beneficial to have an interface designer to whip up a mock test of your critical page by using certain assets and elements that you have already created for your mood board. By completion, you will tend to have a rough estimation of what you are actually going for, so as to start surveying your stakeholders and your co-workers. Then you can simply adjust your assets so as to compensate the deviations from the intended response.  UX designers can choose the research users accordingly.




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