Now get improved Touch Multi-Sensor Support with 1.11 Update

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Oculus has recently released an update 1.11 for the Rift Virtual Reality headset and also for Touch motion controllers that bring promised enhancements for the system’s room scale support with multi-sensor setups & fixes for the guardian boundary system. We already told you that Oculus released their much awaited and much celebrated Touch motion controllers in December last year were warmly welcomed, but some enthusiasts want an enhanced version of the same.

Oculus Rift and Touch owners have been masticated a bit from the last few weeks while waiting for the system updates in order to improve their roomscale Virtual Reality experiences. The latest 1.11 Rift update brings the enhancements for the calibration for those with the so called “experimental” sensor which is set up for 360 degree tracking. There is an ‘Oculus’ constellation tracking system that uses the USB system. It is attached to the sensors (cameras) in order to detect the pulsating IR LED arrays on the tracked devices so as to deliver the positional tracking in the immersive Virtual Reality.

There are certain features of the update that the Virtual Reality enthusiast can enjoy:
One can now choose to skip the updating of the firmware on your controllers, especially when there is repeating of the Oculus setup. There is an improved visibility of the Guardian System boundaries with the better hand animations and also there are improved instructions for the Oculus sensor positioning during the setup process.

The bugs that have been worked on are:
1. There is an improved experimental roomscale and experimental 360 degree support.
2.There is an improved Oculus Rift and Touch setup process.
3.There is an improved Guardian system.

We hope that these latest updates in Oculus Rift and Touch will offer a great and the more immersion feeling and experience to the Virtual Reality Enthusiasts.




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