REVIEW OF ‘Pinball FX2 VR’

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Pinball FX2 VR is arriving tomorrow exclusively for your HTC VIVE and PlayStation VR. It is not coming all alone! It is coming hand in hand with all new and popular themed machines of ‘The Walking Dead’. At first, the launch was made only on Oculus Rift, and now the game will be launched for all three major Virtual Reality platforms.  The game has exclusively been designed by Zen Studios who saw the vision of bringing their particular brand of pinball on one of the most famous and cutting-edge platform and that is, Virtual Reality.

By looking at the Picture, you may feel that it is more or less like some adventure game! But to your surprise, it is like the same old Pinball that is being loved by all! It is the same game that involves the smacking of a steel ball all around, with the help of a pair of flippers. You have to try to score as many points as possible plus by avoiding the drain of the steel ball at the very bottom. In this game, you will get three balls and plus a chance in order to earn more and more points during the game.  Pinball FX2 VR is also considered to have very realistic ball physics especially in terms of impacts and also of inertia.

The high quality Virtual Reality Experience, one can feel like you are having a walk around the machine like it is some physical object. One actually needs a serious and high quality GPU so as to hold the 90 FPS on very high settings. One will not be disappointed on the Comfort Front. Zen Studios were able to achieve a very natural and high quality Virtual Reality pinball experience for the users. We can see that it might not have done enough in order to convince the purists, but for many it is already a product which has actually owned itself a real table for itself. It is true that there is nothing more amazing than like playing on a real arcade machine, and Pinball FX2 VR is offering a great deal.




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