Technolust Review: A Cyber Adventure You Will Not Get Enough of

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Techolust is a brilliant new game of the cyberpunk genre themed around the classic Bladerunner and neuromancer which gives the experience an amazing high tech atmosphere that cyber adventure fans can never get enough of.

Technolust revolves around the story of a rebel hacker who fights against an evil and corrupt corporation that happens to have access to all the internet terminals. Thus, getting access into the internet system isn’t easy but with a device named ’red-box’ you finally get your way around the corporation’s security protocols and anything that comes in your way.

The game has a mesmerizing indoor setting which ensures a high level of immersive degree into the atmosphere. The fans will love the setting of dingy apartment walls with hints of pop culture all over along with touches of modern technology showing VR headsets and latest gadget parts.

Once in the game you can even visit your apartment and sit on the couch watching an old cyberpunk movie letting you completely sink into the mind of a person who understands cyber world and mindset at a higher level. Thus, the game successfully comes to deliver a very realistic and immersive atmosphere making you feel like part of the player’s life in the game.

However, the brilliant experience is short lived arising the need for more side stories, more such worldly experiences and interaction within the game leaving the players wanting for more.




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