Virtual Reality Mitigates Phantom Limbs According To Swedish Study

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Virtual Reality has done wonders and now it is playing as a wondrous role for the Amputees who will now be able to play computer games with the virtual arm. With this device, they will not be able to play computer games, but can also experience relief from the pain of Phantom limb that usually happens to those who have lost a certain limb. This is the new study that has been conducted by the students of Gothenburg’s Chalmers University of Technology. As the part of a study, 14 amputees participated and they felt relief after 12 sessions of using Virtual Arm in VR.

According to Max Ortiz Catalan from Chalmers University, the results are very encouraging as these candidates have already tried minimum four different types of treatments before trying this, but failed. People who have lost limbs often experience the sensation of phantom limbs. It is a pain that usually occurs on the site where that limb used to be. The pain can goes on even many years after the amputation. It can lead to many difficulties that can occur in mental and physical lives of the individual.

The patients who are associated with the program can see themselves on the screen wearing a virtual arm in place of the real arm. Then they will be able to move their virtual arm and can control many other real-life things. With the help of this method it gets the patients to re-activate their areas in the brain through which they used to move their arm or amputee limb before as it was there earlier. We can see that how Virtual Reality is helping in the field of Medical. 




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