Virtual Reality will Make 2016 the Year of E-Sports

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E-sports has gained a lot of popularity over the years especially 2015 which was by far the biggest year for professional gaming as 334 million people from all over the world watched the League of Legends Championship which is a multiplayer battle game. And now with the whole world gripped with Virtual Reality this could possibly be the next big thing with major tech names, better hardware and bigger money involved.


E-sports are a majorly anticipated application of VR in the Gaming industry and can show a definite growth potential with new estimates of a rise in the yearly revenues. As per latest research conducted in the field the industry’s revenue could reach $1 billion in the next two years with major brands like Coke hopping into sponsor E-sports or Gaming events.

The world as we know it has already advanced into accepting E-sports as a genre in the year 2015 with almost 27million people catching an E-sport event which was a tournament for a combat game named Counter-Strike, streaming Live on the Twitch which is a famous website that streams videos of people gaming as well as gaming competitions. The website itself has seen a 30%rise in the audience viewing since last year.


The event has struck a chord in other media and video sharing websites such as the biggie in the industry Youtube which has announced its own app to compete with the Twitch. And therefore, it won’t be wrong to mention that a swift escalation in investments and development can be strongly anticipated in the not so far future.

e-sport event

The techies involved in VR may enter the segmentation by funding “Arcades” and E-sports Arenas or stadiums for increasing the magnitude of E-sports in VR which could add a social element to VR making it all the way more fun and reachable and enjoyable for a bigger section of the audience.




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