You Can Now Watch David Bowie’s Musical In Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is one such technology that was developed for the gaming realm, but if we see today, Virtual Reality has touched nearly all the branches of the world. We can see that Virtual Reality has made gaming arena as its whole, and now is the time for the art realm, be it movies or be it music. The degree can be measured from the previous advancements being made in the art industry like the theaters which are opened by IMAX at various locations now or be it the Spielberg who is now optimistic about Virtual Reality and is now making a movie with this technology. To help them out, various cameras are being made in the realm. Just like this, David Bowie’s Lazarus’s music is approaching LONDON city this month and guess what in the form of Virtual Reality experience. How Exciting! Indeed it is, just like its sound!

Lazarus will soon be staged as a part of the Virtual Reality exhibition during the V&A Museum’s Performance Festival. On visiting the museum, visitors will be given a headset, through which they would be able to watch a Virtual Reality recording of the musical show, which will be featuring all the songs of Bowie’s and his final album Blackstar. This an exhibition which offers another way for all those who missed the live show and now it is a great opportunity for them to catch that experience again and that too in 360 degrees.

Many of you must be aware that it is not the first time that Bowie is experimenting with Virtual Reality. At Sundance this year, an oculus supported dance sequence named as HEROS was also set on the tune of Bowie Song! It was also evident that other musicians enjoyed and slowly embraced the Virtual Reality medium as well. Remember, last year Brian May designed his own very VR glasses that were compatible with his own Interactive app known as The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience. Well, now is the time for you to get immersed in the medium, which today’s musicians are embracing it. The V&A Museum exhibition is called From VHS to VR and will be taking place on Sunday, April 30th.





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