AudioShield the Latest VR Game That Cannot be Missed

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AudioShield is yet another latest VR game in the news for being just too addictive to be missed. The rhythmic game is all a music lover (or even an avid gamer) needs. The music game is set to be released next month for HTC Vive VR Headset.

The whole body experience of the rhythmic game developed by Dylan Fritterer is in compliance with the headset and motion controlling kit built by HTC in collaboration with Steam owner Valve. The game provides a similar experience to that of AudioSurf and Guitar Hero in which music notes come flying towards the player which need to be successfully hit syating on the beat. However, the immersive experience of virtual reality adds an extra edge as the song playing is quite overwhelming.

As per sources Tech advisors have predicted an estimated $30 Billion to be generated by the VR industry in the coming few years and with exciting yet easily adaptable experiences such as AudioShield the estimate could prove to be apt.

The game’s environment pushes the player in a dark room where red and blue orbs of notes come flying towards the player. The player needs to hit the orbs with the shields provided with corresponding colors. Thus, you have to block the red orbs with the red shield and the blues ones with the blue shield. Once you catch the rhythm the process feels as natural as it can be. Well there can be extra brownie points for the effects of a particle explosion that you get if you punch a note bang on.

Also, you can even type in the name of your favorite band to bring up some of their songs to play to the rhythm of it. It surely is an exceptionally mind blowing experience for all those who can connect with anything that adds on music.




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