No Man’s Sky Review: There’s No Story Which Makes It Good

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Hello Games has finally brought its ‘No Man’s Sky’ to the shelf: a game that has been big ever since it was announced two years back. The title is huge and promises much more than an immersive gaming experience with a universe full of billions of planets for a never ending space exploration zest.

The game itself is an enormous affair with a whole new dimension of space elements in a colossal world where players envisage a variety of unique alien creatures in the space facing new challenges at every step of the game with Hello Games claiming that no player will ever be able to find 99.9% of the planets which is quite an overwhelming challenge to accept. No Man’s Sky is set to release next month becoming available at your nearest stores.

The game works and develops around a profound lore of engrossing mysteries however there is no linear or exact story to follow. That part has been exclusively left out for the players to discover planets and creatures and create your own story as you go about this game. Involving such an expanse of features and functionalities, the game is a massive affair with a multitude of new alien languages and alphabets to communicate with the mercenaries.

No Man’s Sky gives space exploration a whole new dimension allowing you to explore the lair of mystery in your own spaceship that can be upgraded in a number of ways. Also, the universe has its own rules misbehaving with which will bring its own consequences in the No Man’s Sky. The game lets you make friends and enemies within the game with many opportunities to form new relationships with specific characters from fiction which may also turn out to be your worst enemy and nightmare in the game.

The game surely has a lot to foresee and promises to be your favorite hangout spot in the world of virtual reality available on Sony PlayStation VR.

Manish Kumar


Manish Kumar

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